Women Small Business Owners

You are AMAZING! You are smart, diverse, interesting, and driven. From running your busineess to managing your household and family, you do it all. That’s why this month we’re honoring Women Small Business Owners.

Your businesses drive our local and national economy. From bakeries to doggie daycare, educational toys to software games, and financial accounting firms to human resources consulting, small businesses owned by woman account for more than12 million businesses in our country and employ over 10.1 million workers. The Small Business Administration (SBA) cited the 2018 US Census which attributed more than $2.1 Trillion in sales from women owned businesses.


If this is you, we love what you do! Your work brings food to many tables, smiles to eveyone’s faces, and income to local economies. We salute your drive, and the long hours you spend making it all happen.

If you are a woman small business owner, thank you!  We appreciate all that you do.  ❤️ When you dine at our restaurant in March, let us know what you do and we’ll take 10% off your check. (Think of it as our bonus plan for the small business owner!)

One small way we can thank you for being a BOSS.