We can’t honor this group enough! From lighting the sparks in tiny tots to making sure our doctors, lawyer, and other professionals are well-prepared, Teachers own a special place among heroes.

Their commitment to learning, no matter the age or ability of the student, is both heartwarming and impressive. They are arguably the most important members of our society.

They give their students purpose, set them up for success in the world, and inspire them to achieve their dreams. The children today will be our leaders tomorrow, and teachers are that critical point to get them there.

They often serve as role models, guidance counselors, cheerleaders, coaches, and friends. They offer unconditional support and love to those they tutor.

And we all remember that one teacher who believed in us… What a difference they make!

If you are a teacher, thank you! ❤️ When you dine at our house in the month of June, 2024, let us know and we’ll take 10% off your check. (Something we know how to do because of your excellent math lessons!) 

One small way we can thank you for always being there for all of us.