If you are not living under a rock (and maybe even then) you know that this is the year of Taylor Swift. This talented singer and songwriter holds most of the top 10 album rankings this week, has a successful worldwide tour underway, just nabbed TEN Billboard awards, is Spotify’s most-played artist, and holds 58 Guinness World Records.

In short, she’s had an amazing year.

We know it didn’t start out like that and it didn’t all happen this year. Being a musician or a songwriter takes a lot of effort, time, hard work, and a little luck.

This month, we honor all musicians and songwriters, whether you’ve charted or not. Your work, literally, brings music to our ears. We salute your talent, drive, and the long hours you spend tuning your craft. 

If you are a musician or songwriter, thank you! Your work touches us all. ❤️ When you dine at our house in December, let us know what you do and we’ll take 10% off your check. (Think of it as our standing ovation for your performance!)

One small way we can thank you for bringing music to the world.