Search & Rescue

Most of us probably don’t often think about Search & Rescue workers, but that one time you need them, you stand in wonder about what they do.

When a loved one is missing, when there’s an emergency, when things go wrong, Search & Rescue is there.

They jump into dangerous situations and precarious environments with one goal: helping.

On foot, by truck, or dangling from helicopters, these people deliver. Your issue is their job, and they literally move heaven and earth to find and rescue your loved ones.

We recently saw the Search & Rescue teams from Oceanside and Camp Pendelton’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) in action. Shout out to agents Nicolas Swainson and Dusty McDaniel, shown below, and to everyone on the Search & Rescue operation we witnessed in action. To say they were heroic understates the awesomeness of what they do.

So we’re honoring them at American Heroes & Brew for the month of July. If you work in Search & Rescue, thank you! ❤️ When you dine at our house in the month of July, 2024, let us know and we’ll take 10% off your check. 

One small way we can thank you for being there for all of us.

Agents Nicolas Swainson and Dusty McDaniel, members of Camp Pendelton’s CID Search & Rescue team.