If you’ve been out and about recently, you probably noticed Girl Scouts camped in front of your favorite grocery stores. Those tiny entrepreneurs are delivering a yearly dose of joy with their annual cookie sales while working on skills that will last a lifetime.

Who helps to shape these mighty wee ones? Their Scout Leaders, of course!

It takes a small army of leaders in every community to help grow the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Indian Guides, and others. Imagine the patience, love, and skill it takes to corral a group of 7-year-olds, get them all to do the same thing (without harming themselves or the others in the group), all while making a lasting impact!

That’s what Scout Leaders do every day. It’s just one of the many reasons we ❤️ you. Now imagine them taking 30 of those 7-year-olds camping.

That’s why you are our heroes of the month for March, 2023!

If you are a Scout Leader, let your server know and we’ll take 10% off of your check every time you dine with us during the month of March, 2023. How’s that for a badge?

It’s one small way we can thank you for all you do.