This month’s heroes were selected because of an unexpected visit from KUSI to our house, which got us thinking… News reporters, their camera crews, editors, and anchors really are unsung heroes.

They put themselves on the front lines of every happy, tragic, terrifying, and noteworthy occasion just so we can sit down and find out what’s happening in the world.

And they work hard! From investigating and writing, filming, and editing, to telling the story, they live at a fast pace. (Nobody wants to know about things 3 months later.)  Much of their work ends up in an editor’s circular file so that a few moments of glory can be seen by everyone, and that never deters them. Way to Hero Up!

Thank you for bringing us the news — every day, every event, all of the time.

News Crews ❤️ Our June, 2022 heroes!

If you are part of a news crew, let your server know and we’ll take 10% off of your check any time you dine with us during the month of June.

It’s one small way we can thank you for helping the world and showing us all how to Hero Up!