It’s January, and it’s a bright new year. This month we honor the hard-working employees at the banks.

Bank Tellers are the front line when it comes to your money. 💰 They handle your money, what more do you need to know? 

Tellers take money in, make sure it gets to the right account, and help with any technical banking issues and questions. They issue bank checks, credit cards, and money orders. And they can help with mortgages and payments, safety deposit boxes, and foreign currency exchanges. They answer questions about interest rates, credit, business banking, and the current financial markets, too. 

More importantly, they’re always there with a ready smile, willingness to help you navigate the world of finance, and sometimes a piece of candy.

Without bank tellers, we’d be stuck in a parking lot screaming at an ATM machine, frustrated. Bank tellers truly make the world of money a little easier to navigate. They keep your money safe and your anxiety levels low, whether you’re doing personal or business banking.

Bank Tellers, we ❤️ you. That’s why you are our first heroes of the month for 2023!

If you are a bank teller or banking professional, let your server know and we’ll take 10% off of your check every time you dine with us during the month of January, 2023. It’s one small way we can thank you for helping Americans bank their Benjamins.