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"Nominate A Hero"

We are all about community, and about recognizing the heros in our community. At some point we all have the opportunity and ability to step up and be someone's hero. It doesn't take much -- a kind word, a helping hand, a friendly smile. We refer to it as your chance to Hero Up!™

And we want to recognize our local heroes. Those people who do Hero Up!™

Each month, we will honor and highlight a local hero, submitted by the community. This hero will receive a $100 gift card and all members of the community working in the same occupation as our hero will receive a 10% discount on their American Heroes & Brew check every time they visit us that month.

Know a Hero?

Tell us about someone that deserves to be recognized. We will pick one Hero each month and feature them on this page.  

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and occupations, including healthcare workers, teachers, law enforcement, fire fighters, the military... or?? You know a Hero when you see one, so tell us and maybe we will honor them next. 

American Heroes & Brew will also donate $100 to a local charity.


American Heroes Of The Month

July, 2021: Our Fallen Military
Occupation: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard

This month we honor those men and women who served our country and gave their lives for us.

If you're in the military (active or retired) please tell one of our servers so that we may salute you. You'll save 10% off of your check every time you visit us in July.

June, 2021: Mrs. Draper
Occupation: Teacher

The 2020-2021 school year was like no other in history, as teachers bore the brunt of trying to adapt to an ever-changing landscape of new policies. Teachers took to heart the Hero Up! slogan.

From learning to teach online, to helping their students get masks and supplies, from tent-classrooms, to ensuring their kids (and parents) got through the pandemic, our teachers became even bigger heroes in our communities. 

This month's hero is Mrs. Draper. A local teacher who helped her students and fellow teachers navigate an entire school year during a pandemic with grace and kindness.

Thank you for being there, Mrs. Draper. Thank you for showing all of your students how to HERO UP!™

american hereos | teacher Mrs. Draper

May, 2021: Tammy Mason
Occupation: Grocery Store Employee

Tammy started working at Food Basket (later known as Albertson's) in 1985, she has dedicated herself to the team for 36 years. 

May Hero of the Month

Even during the pandemic lockdowns, you could count on Tammy being at her job and helping everyone she encountered. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word for all her customers.  

Tammy, thank you from the American Heroes Team. Thank you for demonstrating to everyone who shops in your store how to HERO UP!™

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