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"Nominate A Hero"

We are all about community, and about recognizing the heroes in our community. At some point, we all have the opportunity and ability to step up and be someone's hero. It doesn't take much -- a kind word, a helping hand, a friendly smile. We refer to it as your chance to Hero Up!™

And we want to recognize our local heroes. Those people who do Hero Up!™

Each month, we will honor and highlight a local hero. All members of our community who work in the occupation we're honoring will receive a 10% discount on their American Heroes & Brew check every time they visit us that month.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and occupations, including healthcare workers, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, the military, delivery drivers... or?? You know a Hero when you see one, so tell us and maybe we will honor them next. 

American Heroes Of The Month

December: Holiday Retail Workers
November: Airline Employees
October: Transportation Workers
September: School Nurses
August: Photographers
July: Travel Agents
June: Wedding Planners
May: Veterinarians
April: Tax Preparers / CPAs
March: Special Needs Workers
February: Florists
January: Restaurant Workers

December: Retail Workers
November: Delivery Drivers
October: Uber & Lyft Drivers
September: 1st Responders
August: Coaches
July: Military
June: Teachers
May: Grocery Store Workers

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